Bulga Northern Water Dam

Location: Hunter Valley, NSW

Project Description: Robson Civil Project Description: Construction of the Northern Water Dam (NWD) in the NSW Hunter Valley for client Glencore, to provide water storage for dewatering of open cut coal mining pits.  This will replace other water storages on the mine site that will in future, be removed due to mine expansion.

Project duration of 12 months at a value of $15m.

Work includes:

  • NWD Main Embankment consisting of 16m high zoned earth-fill embankment fitted with an exposed geomembrane sealing system (GSS) installed on the upstream slope
  • Controlled Release System consisting of concrete-encased steel pipework, a reinforced concrete energy dissipation structure
  • Controlled Release Outlet Works; Rockfilling outlet channel and stilling basin
  • Diversion Embankment consisting of 12m high zoned earth-fill embankment and spillway
  • Diversion Channel to bypass water around the north-eastern side of the NWD


Entire Concrete supplied the concrete and the 48mtr boom pump for the above project.

Concrete Mixes Used:  A full suite of mix designs where used for this project.  50Mpa through to lean mix. Shotcrete, grout etc

Testing: Coffey Testing performed countless tests throughout the job showing that our products delivered the best quality products to the job.

Bulga Northern Water Dam Project