Concrete Agitator Fleet
Entire Concrete Truck

Entire Concrete uses a modern agitator fleet that ensures that your order is on-time and homogeneously mixed to meet the most stringent Australian Standards.

The Entire Concrete truck fleet is monitored through satellite tracking from our concrete plants in both Singleton and Cameron Park. On each truck, we can monitor the progress of concrete deliveries (from the plant through to completion), as well as vehicle data including location, speed and operational information. This ensures that our drivers are held accountable for their load and truck when operating company vehicles.

Through barrel sensor technology we know exactly when the load begins being discharged and when it is completed. This technology of truck to plant communication enables us to ensure constant on-time delivery for each project. With two operational concrete plants throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region, Entire Concrete is capable of delivering concrete to a large number of projects at a single time.

Entire Concrete boasts Australia’s largest 10-wheeled concrete trucks, which provide a significant edge over our competitors when it comes to project scale. Having a fleet of 35 trucks provides us with the ability to deliver the largest possible load to each site when our clients need it most. Our in-house mechanics keep our agitator fleet in the best possible condition, to ensure our on-time delivery rates are the best in the industry.

As a result of our investment in Australia’s best concrete trucks, our clients can feel confident that we will deliver our products efficiently and on-time. Due to Entire Concrete’s specifically formulated concrete products, our clients can rest assured that the product they receive is of superior quality.

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