M1 Motorway Upgrade

M1 Motorway Upgrade

Location: Beresfield, NSW

M1 Motorway Upgrade (Weakleys Drive and John Renshaw Drive Intersection)

Project Description: The upgrade involved the replacement of the existing roundabout intersection with traffic lights to improve traffic flow, travel times and motorist safety.

Full scope of works for the project includes:

  • the replacement of the roundabout with traffic lights;
  • construction of two through lanes on all approaches;
  • construction of additional turning lanes on all approaches, including two right turn lanes from the motorway to John Renshaw Drive;
  • the extension of the two northbound lanes on Weakleys Drive from the traffic lights to Enterprise Drive;
  • the upgrade of the existing left-turn slip lane from John Renshaw Drive to the motorway;
  • the addition of a new left-turn lane from John Renshaw Drive to the motorway; and
  • additional on-road provisions for cyclists.

The project is a part of RMS’ M1 Productivity Package ($391.6 million) funded by the Federal and NSW State governments to improve overall traffic flow and safety on the M1.

Products Supplied: Normal class concrete: 25/20, 32/20, 40/20, 32/10, 15/10, 20/10, 25/10, 50/20.

RMS Mixes: RMS R83 32/10mm, RMS R83 25/20mm, RMS B80 40/20, RMS B80 50/20

Kerb and Gutter Mixes, Stabilised Sand Mixes, No Fines, High Early Strength 50/20,

Slipform 32/20, Flowable Fill.

Testing: Comprehensive  slump and compression testing carried out throughout the job by Coffey International and Qualtest

M1 Motorway Upgrade
M1 Motorway Upgrade
M1 Motorway Upgrade
M1 Motorway Upgrade