Capability Statement

Entire Concrete uses an up-to-date agitator fleet that ensures that your order is on time and homogeneously mixed to meet the most stringent Australian Standards.

On every Entire Concrete truck we can monitor the progress of concrete deliveries from the batch plant to your site and return to plant via satellite tracking.  Through barrel sensor technology we know exactly when the load begins being discharged and when it is completed.  This technology of truck to plant communication enables us to ensure constant delivery to your job.

With 2 plants servicing the Hunter Valley and Newcastle region, we can cover large volume jobs.

We boast Australia’s largest 10-wheel concrete trucks, which gives Entire Concrete a marked edge over our local competitors. Not only are our trucks the most reliable on the road and keep our on-time rates at the top of the industry, but they also give us the ability to get the largest loads to your site as soon as you need them.

So you can not only count on the supreme quality of Entire Concrete’s specifically formulated products, but you can also feel confident that our promise to deliver on-time is driven by our investment in Australia’s best concrete trucks.