Summerhill Waste

Summerhill Waste Management Centre Upgrade

Products Supplied:    

Normal Class Concrete: 5/20, 15/10, 20/20, 25/20, 32/20, 40/20, Kerb and Gutter mixes

Location: Wallsend, NSW

Project Description:

The Summerhill Waste Management Centre, completed for City of Newcastle, comprised the temporary enabling works and structure to allow the facility to continue operating during the upgrade works. The project also involved demolition of the existing SWMC structure, bulk cut and fill of 9500m3 over 10,000m2, civil stormwater and sediment basins, the construction of the new 2,500m2 SWMC building, 2000m2 of external roads paving & kerbing, 1000m2 overflow carpark and kerbs, 70m long concrete precast wall 11m high along the existing LMS methane gas plant and 135m of concrete push walls.

This project forms part of the ongoing improvements occurring at Summerhill and council’s commitment to providing waste minimisation and recycling solutions to the community and ensuring the long term sustainability of waste management operations.

Work includes:

Slabs, Walls, Carpark and Kerbs, Concrete Push walls


Comprehensive slump and compression testing carried out throughout the job by Coffey International and Qualtest.

Summerhill Waste Management Centre Upgrade
Summerhill Waste Management Centre Upgrade