In addition to supplying concrete, Entire Concrete can supply concrete pumps for their customer’s with their 43 metre boom pumps. Pumps are in high demand as many jobs including house and shed slabs require pumps to ensure work is completed quickly and efficiently, without the need for excessive wheel barrowing and manual labour. Concrete boom pumps can deliver the concrete to whatever part of the slab you want, whether it is an inaccessible area, or just a standard horizontal slab. The main advantage is that boom pumps significantly reduce the time taken to lay a slab, as concrete workers are not required to barrow and shovel concrete from one end of the slab to another.


At Entire Concrete the boom pumps were all manufactured in late 2013, and as such are in excellent working condition. The boom pumps have ticketed operators with high risk work licenses and construction white cards enabling them to operate on most work sites throughout Australia. The pumps meet stringent standards for large construction projects and mine sites.

By purchasing concrete and a boom pump at the same time from the one place customers at Entire Concrete have just one point of contact on the day of their concrete pour. There is less chance of a communication error between the job site and the concrete plant. Entire Concrete offers discounts for clients who purchase both the concrete and the boom pump at the same time.

Call us today for further information on how our large range of concrete boom pumps at Entire Concrete can add value to your next project!